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ENKI Laboratory

Who are we?

Yacine is the scientific and creative brain behind our cosmeceutical products! Grandson of a herbalist, he was brought up in the plant kingdom and in respect of all medicinal plants and natural active ingredients. Trained as a chemical engineer (Organic Synthesis – Analyst – Colloidal Systems) Yacine has 20 years of experience in product development where he applies the principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and math to the creation of innovative botanical formulas and delivery systems.

He has collaborated with international brands and many others and has contributed to the creation and certification of several cosmetic factories in France and overseas, to the filing of patents and carried out more than 30 cosmetic clinical tests.

To sum it up, Yacine is our in-house genius, like a natural version of Nikola Tesla – although, maybe not as mad.

ENKI Laboratory

Our know-how

We put our expertise and technologies at the service of your projects. We have a perfect command of the technical processes of microencapsulation as well as those of vectorisation and diffusion of active principles. We work in many fields such as perfumes and beauty, sport and performance, childcare and paramedical.

ENKI Laboratory

Our Services

We put our expertise & technologies at the service of your projects through 5 axes:

Development & marketing of natural fragrances without allergens

Cosmetic products, perfuming of wellness areas, swimming pool water, spa, sauna, hammam, shower sensorial…

Formulation of natural cosmetics & probiotic-based powder forms

Sourcing, creation, industrialisation, clinical testing, PIF…

Encapsulation & functionalization of flexible media

Mineral, silicone, gelatin, aminoplast microcapsules…


vine, hemp, cereals, fruits, oils

Management of cosmetic, industrial or biocidal products projects

Packaging, prototype, industrialisation, on the market…

ENKI is an expert on the entire value chain of the cosmetic product, from raw material to finished product. This is done with a global approach to the project, step by step, and in collaboration with a network of industrial, clinical, legal and marketing/communication skills :
a service tailored to each client…

ENKI Laboratory


Our services and technologies are applicable to many projects. Contact us to discuss your project.


Exclusive pre-dosed cosmetic quality perfume creations for swimming pools, spas and whirlpools.


Exclusive pre-dosed cosmetic quality fragrance creations for sauna. Natural origin, allergen-free.


Softener, spray, paper printing, finishing (scarfing, depletion, coating, printing).


Production of natural and dry formulations with the aim of not having any preservatives or surfactants. The aim is to create your own cosmetic product on the spot. For use in institutes, talasso and at home.


ENKI Laboratory

Our Values

We produce in France, with total respect for the environment and the consumer.


Our products are 100% French. All our partners are located in France.

We rely on French know-how, this approach allows us to reduce our ecological impact and to ensure the traceability of products and the respect of standards.

  • PERFUM FACTORY: Production in Grasse, France in the purest French tradition, ISO 9001 standard.
  • COSMETICS FACTORY: Production in France in a factory in the Cosmetic Valley area, ISO standard ECOCERT approved.
  • FILLING FACTORY: Production in France, ISO 9001 & 22716 (GMP) standard.


Our approach to respecting the environment.

We have developed innovative treatment vectors such as liposome microcapsules, natural microcapsules and vectorised emulsions. These vectors are :

  • 100% NATURAL


Consumer comfort and safety are our priority

We ensure compliance with cosmetic standards. These standards guarantee consumer safety and product quality.

  • CLINICAL TESTS: All our products are clinically tested by external laboratories, with all files validated by an independent toxicologist.
  • TRACEABILITY: All our partners are in France, they are chosen in compliance with current standards guaranteeing the traceability of our products and services.
  • COSMETIC FILES: All our products have a cosmetic file guaranteeing their quality and harmlessness.

ENKI Laboratory

Our Brands

ENKI Laboratory

Our Partners

ENKI Laboratory

Contact Us

For any request, contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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